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Website Control Panel

The website control panel has an icon and link to your Content Management System , Ecommerce manager, Website Visitor Statistics and Email Services.


The Content Management System is intuitive making updating your website quick and easy. You can update your web site from anywhere using a web browser.

Each web page contains modules which enable a section of a page to be updated without having to worry about any of the technical issues that would be involved when editing a whole page.  Content can be updated using a ‘Word Processor’ module and images can be changed and uploaded. There are specialised modules to update Maps, Image Galleries and Product Information etc.


Users can be set up with permissions to manage different aspects of a web site. For example one person may be responsible for adding news items while another looks after product information for the online store and is also responsible for managing email accounts.


Your website control panel will allow you to add and remove email addresses. Every email address has a webmail service that can be used to pick up and send emails while out of the office. Additionally, you can set spam filters, create an auto response message and redirect emails to a different address.

A special email account is provided which enables newsletters to be sent to subscribers. Subscribe & unsubscribe is automated.

Web Site Visitor Statistics

It is easy to check your graphical website statistics from your control panel. Amongst the information available there are graphs which show the number of pages views, unique user’s referrers and which search engines have indexed your web site.


The ecommerce system adds the ability to sell products online. Product information can be added, removed and modified as required. Products can belong to multiple groups at the same time. e.g.: a product category on your website as well as the sales section.

Postage bands can be configured by location and product weight. The system can also be configured to allow users to order online and pick up the product themselves from the store.

Users can save their contact details to make it easier to return and purchase again. Transactions can be processed using PayPal, HSBC or using our own secure server. Other payment provides can also be integrated into the shopping system if required.